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Metal Processing Plant
The project consisted of three different control systems, of which the panels were housed in one 6-bay unit and two three-bay units. These systems contain the latest control technology from safety PLCs, drives and encoders to burner controllers and a large busbar distribution system.
Our scope of supply was for the full electrical design, providing general arrangements, electrical schematics, cable schedules and tray work drawings. DelaControl created and supplied the PLC and HMI software, loading it into the system before delivery. This included programming the drives with the required parameters for the desired operation of motors.
In addition, 27 field enclosures all containing various control equipment such as servo controllers, remote IO racks and IO link M12 field headers were required. These were specified, built, and programmed by DelaControl. Operator pushbutton boxes, junction boxes for field cabling and emergency stop stations were also supplied.
Using IO toggle boxes, motors, encoders, and field sensors we were able to fully test the system in our workshop, simulating the physical machinery against the control philosophy and verifying its operation before it was delivered to the customer.
At the machine fabricator, DelaControl carried out the electrical installation of the machine, completing the field cabling for the control system. Once the three machines arrive at their destination in Eastern Europe, we will commission all machines and systems for production, completing our full turnkey supply of this large project.


Production Line Effectiveness Monitoring - IIoT


DelaControl delivered a ruggedised solution for a leading consultancy company who specialise in improving processes and efficiencies for large corporations and manufacturing companies - their consultants are some of the best in the industry.

This system operates in manufacturing plants and measures the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of productions lines. It directly interacts with operators to obtain information on downtime reasons, number of operators and time spent on the line. Due to the clever PLC software supplied, all HMI software is tailored to the production line that it monitors, allowing for very specific data to be gathered. This allows consultants to do away with the traditional clipboards and masses of paper, focusing their time on analytics and operational improvements, giving the end user even greater benefits.

IoT hardware was utilised within this system. This technology interfaces the PLC with web-based software allowing the end user to view real-time information of their production, including detailed line information on customisable dashboards. The IoT technology stores this information in the cloud allowing the consultants to perform detailed analytics over long periods of time to best advise the end user where improvements could be made.

DelaControl provided this system on both Allen Bradley and Siemens platforms to accommodate the chosen control OEM of as many manufacturing plants as possible. This allows the most seamless communication between existing machinery if data from other parts of the line is necessary to be gathered.

DelaControl provided a full turnkey solution for this project, providing full design drawing packs, control panel build and testing, liaising with different manufacturing sites, technical documentation, and RAMS, installing and commissioning systems at different manufacturing sites, PLC and HMI software and IoT hardware set up and commissioning. As well as all of this DelaControl provide continuous support for all installed systems at all sites, making changes, repairs, additions and providing technical advice.

Finally, a demo kit was supplied to the customer, allowing them to demonstrate the system to any of their prospective clients. This uses different sensors and small conveyor belts to mimic a production line. An attractive, custom made case was provided to house the kit during transportation, providing a great first impression to prospective clients.

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