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Our engineers will work to implement the new system into your facility and troubleshoot any integration issues that may occur. We have experience in a variety of industries globally, teaming up with installers, operators and project managers to ensure that our customers receive the best possible solution. All of our systems undergo a factory acceptance test prior to delivery and intensive site acceptance testing.

Commissioning Services

DelaControl’s comprehensive Control Systems Commissioning services are designed to ensure your operations achieve unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Our commitment to excellence and innovation obliges us to provide a service that guarantees your control systems are configured, optimised, and ready to deliver peak performance from the outset.

Our commissioning services extend beyond borders. Equipped for international travel, DelaControl's expert team delivers world-class commissioning services right to your doorstep, regardless of where your operations are situated. This global approach ensures that our clients everywhere benefit from the same high standards of service and expertise, irrespective of geographical location.


At DelaControl, we recognise that the diversity in control system technology demands a broad spectrum of expertise. Our services encompass a wide array of PLC OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), ensuring that no matter the make or model of your system, our team possesses the skills and experience necessary for effective commissioning. This versatility enables us to tackle the unique challenges and requirements of each project, offering bespoke solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing operations.

DelaControl on site commissioning
DelaControl on site in Brazil

DelaControl's Control Systems Commissioning Services aim to do more than merely get your system operational. We endeavour to optimise your control system for peak performance, ensuring that it is not only operational but also efficient, reliable, and primed to support your business objectives. From the initial setup and testing to the final adjustments and validation, we manage every aspect of the commissioning process with precision and care.

Embark on your next project with the confidence that comes from having DelaControl as your commissioning partner. Our global reach, expertise in a multitude of PLC OEMs, and our team of expert-trained programmers position us as the premier choice for control systems commissioning services.


Reach out to DelaControl today to learn how our commissioning services can enhance the efficiency and reliability of your control systems, wherever in the world your operations may be. Together, let's lay the foundation for a successful, productive future.

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